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SFB-Seminar Sommersemester 2000

Gastvorträge im Rahmen des Sonderforschungsbereichs 484

jeweils dienstags um 16.00 Uhr s.t. in Raum 1004, Hörsaalgebäude

9.5.2000 Patrik Fazekas (Budapest)
The electrical and magnetic properties of BaVS3
16.5.2000 Chandra Varma (Lucent Technologies)
The Quantum Critical Point in the High Tc Phenomena
30.5.2000 Dr. Martin Knupfer (IFW Dresden)
Electronic structure of quasi one-dimensional cuprates and vanadates
4.7.2000 Dr. Imre Varga (Universität Marburg)
Rènyi entropies as measures of (de)localization
18.7.2000 George Sawatzky (Groningen)
New views on the electronic structure and semiconductor-metal transition in V2O3
19.9.2000 Prof. Dr. Nathan Andrei (Rutgers University Piscataway New Jersey)
Low Energy Dynamics of the Multi-channel Kondo Lattice - exact results
29.9.2000 Prof. Dr. Elbio Dagotto (National High Magnetic Field Lab. Tallahassee, FL)
Colossal Magnetoresistant Materials: the Key Role of Phase Separation

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