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Research Program

Cooperative Phenomena in Solids:
Metal-Insulator Transitions and Ordering of Microscopic Degrees of Freedom

The Collaborative Research Center 484, financed by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) since 2000, focusses on the investigation of cooperative phenomena in quantum-mechanical, many-particle systems in solid-state physics. The main purpose of the research activities of the SFB 484 is to clarify how the interaction and the collective behavior of the microscopic degrees of freedom of electrons and lattice lead to ordering phenomena and metal-insulator transitions.

Transition-metal oxides are an ideal class of materials in which to study these issues and hence represent the basis for the systems under investigation.

A comprehensive analysis in this field is effected by combining research activities in the disciplines of solid-state physics and materials science. By applying the most modern experimental and theoretical methods, the Collaborative Research Center is engaged in examining the microscopic foundations of the above phenomena and, simultaneously, establishing connections with application-oriented topics.

During the funding period 2006-2009 the Collaborative Research Center is composed of two project areas

D: Complex structures on atomic scales
E: Dynamics of microscopic degrees of freedom

with in total 15 experimental and theoretical subprojects.

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