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SFB-Sonderseminare Sommersemester 2009

21.4.2009, 16:00 Uhr: Prof. Dr. Frank Hekking (Universite Joseph Fourier & CNRS, Grenoble)
Phase-charge duality in Josephon junction circuits
22.4.2009, 11:00 Uhr: Prof. Dr. Fulvio Parmigiani (Department of Physics, University of Trieste and Sincrotrone Trieste)
Low energy excitations and time-dependent dielectric function in CuGeO3
Note the special location: Room 242/north building
29.4.2009, 11:00 Uhr: Dr. Andreas Alvermann (Universität Greifswald)
Chebyshev techniques and the Sparse Polynomial Space approach to open quantum systems
12.5.2009, 16:00 Uhr: Prof. Dr. Karen Hallberg (Centro Atómico Bariloche und Instituto Balseiro, Bariloche, Argentinien)
Effect of charge-spin separation on the conductance through interacting Aharonov-Bohm rings
19.5.2009, 16:00 Uhr: Prof. Shoucheng Zhang
Topological insulators and topological superconductors
27.5.2009, 14:30 Uhr: Dr. Robert Eder (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe )
Band structure of transition metal spectra by variational cluster approximation
23.6.2009, 16:00 Uhr: Prof. Dr. Herbert Schoeller (RWTH Aachen )
The nonequilibrium anisotropic Kondo model at finite magnetic field
1.7.2009, 11:00 Uhr: Naoto Tsuji, M. Sc. (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)
Photo-induced insulator-metal transition in correlated electron systems -- Floquet + DMFT study
7.7.2009, 16:00 Uhr: Dr. Martin Hohenadler (OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Regensburg )
"Bose mixtures in optical lattices: matter-light coupling and Feshbach resonance"
21.7.2009, 16:00 Uhr: Dr. Andreas Rüegg (ETH Zürich )
Physical properties of artificially structured strongly correlated electron systems

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