Sorting of circulating tumor cells (MV3-melanoma) and red blood cells using non-inertial lift

T. Geislinger, T. Franke

Biomicrofluidics 7, 044120 (Aug 2013) DOI: Biomicrofluidics

We demonstrate the method of non-inertial lift induced cell sorting (NILICS), a continuous, passive, and label-free cell sorting approach in a simple single layer microfluidic device at low Reynolds number flow conditions. In the experiments, we exploit the non-inertial lift effect to sort circulating MV3-melanoma cells from red blood cell suspensions at different hematocrits as high as 9%. We analyze the separation process and the influence of hematocrit and volume flow rates. We achieve sorting efficiencies for MV3-cells up to EMV3 = 100% at Hct = 9% and demonstrate cell viability by recultivation of the sorted cells.