Current Research Activities

Concluded Research Activities

  • Collaborative Research Centre 484: Cooperative Phenomena in Solids: Metal-Insulator Transitions and Ordering of Microscopic Degrees of Freedom
  • Collaborative Research Centre 438: Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Verification in Materials-Oriented Processes and Intelligent Systems
  • Research Unit 241: Metal-Insulator Transition and Magnetism in Highly Correlated Transition Metal Chalcogenides
  • Graduiertenkolleg 283: Nonlinear Problems in Analysis, Geometry, and Physics
  • ForNano: Bavarian Research Network 'Bayerischer Forschungsverbund Miniaturisierte Analyseverfahren durch Nanotechnologie in Biochemie, Chemie und Physik' (CeNS/LMU München/Uni Augsburg)
  • ForOxid: Bavarian Research Network 'Multiskalendesign oxidischer Funktionsmaterialien' (Universities in Augsburg, Bayreuth, Würzburg; Fraunhofer-Institut Silicatforschung; 8 partners from industry)