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Upcoming talks:
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Dobrosavljevic (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, FL, USA)
Landau Theory for Disorder-Driven Metal-Insulator Transitions in Defirmable Media
Seminar TPII/III EPVI, Sonderseminar TRR80, room: S-288
Prof. Dr. Galina L. Klimchitskaya (St. Petersburg)
Proposed test for the relaxation properties of free electrons in the Casimir force out of thermal equilibrium
Lehrstuhlseminar Theoretische Physik I, room: T-2003

Physik-Bachelor und -Master reakkreditiert

On the basis of the successful on-site review meeting in December 2015, the accreditation of our B.Sc. and M.Sc. 'Physics' was extended by ASIIN, thereby confirming the high quality of our study programs. - Meanwhile (as of 30 Sep 2016) the accreditation was extended until 2022, i.e., the maximally possible duration.