Tuition, Fees, Living Expenses, and Financial Support

  • No tuition fees are charged for the Programme, but EUR 114.85 per semester will be charged as a registration fee and for student services (including unlimited local bus & tram use). (This applies to all courses offered at the University of Augsburg.)

  • Students are responsible for their own housing and living expenses which run, as a minimum, at about EUR 670 (about US$ 770) per month.
    Note: All international students have to provide evidence that their studies in Germany are financially secured!

  • During your studies, you are allowed to work for up to 120 days or up to 240 half-days in each calendar year. See Student Union of Augsburg for jobs for students. Support grants from German sources are extremely limited and available only to highly qualified applicants and under exceptional circumstances.

  • You may also want to check for scholarships / stipends etc. with other agencies / institutions (e.g. Federal Training Assistance Act 'BAföG') see also Student Union of Augsburg.

  • Another way of supporting our students is through part-time teaching or research assistantships. There are only a few (!) of these jobs available, but you will have to look for them yourself once you are here. We do not assign teaching and research assistantships beforehand!