Dr. Andrey Moskalenko

Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Raum: R-509

Starting February 1, 2013, Dr. Moskalenko will be working in the EU funded project "Graphene on Silicon Free Electron Laser" (GOSFEL), which is a joint effort of the University of Exeter, the University of Augsburg (PI: Dr. Sergey Mikhailov), the ETH Zürich,  and Norsk Elektro Optikk A/S in Norway.

Formerly Dr. Moskalenko has been working in the group "Nonequilibrium Many-Body Systems" at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (more information).

Starting October 2014, Dr. Andrey Moskalenko has a postdoc position at the University of Konstanz (in Prof. Guido Burkard's group). E-mail: