Electron Spin Resonance


We are using a continuous wave X-band ESR spectrometer ( Bruker Elexsys 500 CW ). The experimental setup is shown in the diagram.
As a microwave generator a Dual Gunn-oscillator bridge is used. The resonator (Bruker ER4102ST) is a TE102 rectangular cavity with a center frequency of 9.75 GHz. The sample is mounted in a small glass tube inside the resonator. A watercooled electromagnet allows sweeps up to 18 kG.


For temperature dependent measurements different cryostats can be used: an Oxford Instuments ESR910 Continuous Flow Cryostat for liquid He (1.9 K - 300 K) and a Bruker VT3000 Nitrogen Cryostat (100 K -700 K).
The spectrometer is equipped with a computer controlled goniometer (resolution: 0.125°), which allows high precision recording of angular dependent spectra in single crystals.

Substances, we are interested in:

  • Low-Dimensional Magnets: spin chains, spin ladders, planar spin systems
  • Colossal Magnetoresistance Materials: Manganites, spinels
  • Nanomaterials: nanowires of magnetic semiconductors, ferromagnetic quantum dots
  • Heavy Fermion Systems

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