Fiber reinforced materials

Light weight construction is one of the key technologies of the future, since it enables energy and resource efficiency as well as improved performance. Fiber reinforced composite materials are often used, since they show a very high light weight potential, low tendency of corrosion, very good stress rupture behavior, low thermal expansion and mechanical and thermal parameters adjustable in a wide range. They offer a huge potential for aviation, automotive, engineering and energy industry and civil construction which is only partly used at present. The research of our group is focused on this highly relevant class of materials. Fiber reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers and fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composites are investigated.

Querschnitt eines Faserverbundwerkstoffs

Figure: Cross section of a fiber reinforced material: Fibers embedded in a polymeric matrix are shown. The fibers are oriented in two different directions, parallel and perpendicular to the cross section plane.