Physik Wintersemester 2009/2010
06371 Physics of semiconductors [V]
Dozent Mikhailov S., Eckern U.
Dauer 2 SWS
Studiensemester 0
Schein Nein
Termin Termin nach Vereinbarung
Beginn 22.10.2009
  1. Introduction
  2. Band theory
  3. Statistics of electrons and holes in semiconductors
  4. Contact phenomena
  5. Kinetic phenomena in semiconductors
  6. Optics of semiconductors
  7. Semiconductor devices
Vorkenntnisse Quantum mechanics, statistical physics
  • B. Sapoval, C. Hermann, Physics of Semiconductors, Springer, 1988
  • K. Seeger, Semiconductor physics, Springer, 1997
  • V. L. Bonch-Bruevich, S. G. Kalashnikov, Halbleiterphysik, Dt. Verl. d. Wiss., Berlin, 1982
  • S. M. Sze, Physics of semiconductor devices, J. Wiley & Sons, New York, 1981
Weitere Informationen The lectures will take place on Thursdays, 14:00, room 506, North building
First lecture 22.10.2009
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