Physik Sommersemester 2002
06371 Vielteilchentheorie (Many-particle Theory) [V]
Dozent Pruschke
Dauer 2 SWS
Studiensemester 8
Schein Nein
Termin Fr, 14:15-15:45, 1003/HZ
Beginn 19.4.2002
Inhalt In this lecture concepts of modern many-particle theory will be introduced. The lecture mainly deals with the calculation of equilibrium Green functions, which build the basic quantity of the theory.

After an introduction of how and to what extent physical quantities are connected to Green functions, some basic formal properties of the latter are introduced. The concepts of Feynman diagrammatic perturbation theory are developed next and then applied to some problems:

  1. Dynamical susceptibility of the interacting electron gas,
Lindhard screening
  1. Nambu-Gorkov formulation of the BCS theory
  2. Phonons
Vorkenntnisse Quantum mechanics and statistical physics
  1. G. Mahan, Many-particle Physics, Plenum Press (N.Y. & London)
  2. A.L. Fetter and J.D. Walecka, Quantum Theory of Many-Particle
Systems, McGraw-Hill (N.Y.)
Weitere Informationen
  1. This lecture will be held in English!
  2. A scriptum is available (German only!) and can be downloaded
from my home pagehttp://www.Physik.Uni-Augsburg.DE/theo3/pruschke/