Interfacing quantum emitters with propagating surface acoustic waves

Matthias Weiß, Hubert J. Krenner

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51, 373001 (2018) DOI: J Phys D

In this topical review, we report on recent advances on the coupling of single semiconductor quantum emitters, quantum dots, to the dynamic strain and electric fields of surface acoustic waves (SAWs). Quantum dots in focus are atom-like optically addressable two-level systems embedded in semiconductor matrix. On the one hand, the occupancy states of these “artificial atoms” can be programmed by spatio-temporal carrier dynamics driven by the sound wave. On the other hand, the quantized energy levels of electron and holes couple strongly to the mechanical strain of the wave. We present an overview of the fundamental coupling mechanisms, experimental techniques to probe these systems in the time domain and recent hall mark experiments. We discuss emerging research themes including hybrid architectures comprising of advanced LiNbO3-SAW devices and single quantum dot devices of nanowire-based quantum emitters, and sound-driven control of light-matter interaction between single photons in nanophotonic resonators and quantum dot two-level systems.