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Upcoming talks:
Prof. Dr. Milos Radonjic (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia)
Phonon anomalies in FeS
Bitte besonderen Termin beachten.
Lehrstuhlseminar Theoretische Physik III, room: S-439
Prof. Avinash Mahajan (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai)
Gapless spin liquid behaviour in the S = 1 honeycomb ruthenate Ag3LiRu2O6
Sonderseminar TRR80, room: S-288
Professor Rolf Haug (Universität Hannover)
Shot Noise in Single-Electron Tunneling through Quantum Dots: A Toolbox to Study Quantum Physics

Shot Noise in Single-Electron Tunneling through Quantum Dots: A Toolbox to Study Quantum Physics

Rolf J. Haug, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

Shot noise in electronic transport originates from the discrete nature of the electric charge. It was first introduced in 1918 by Walter Schottky who studied fluctuations of current in vacuum tubes. Later on it was understood that the magnitude of shot noise depends on correlations among the electrons. Therefore, shot noise measurements are a tool to come to an understanding of correlations in a system. In studying shot noise in transport through quantum dots, i.e. quasi zero-dimensional systems in semiconductors where only single electrons are allowed to tunnel, one has access to quantum mechanical correlations in these systems in a variety of ways. In the talk studies of shot noise in single-electron tunneling through quantum dots will be reviewed [1,2] and it will be shown how one can influence the measured noise [3].

[1] N. Ubbelohde, C. Fricke, C. Flindt, F. Hohls, R.J. Haug; Nature Comm. 3, 612 (2012) [2] N. Ubbelohde, F. Hohls, V. Kashcheyevs, T. Wagner, L. Fricke, B. Kästner, K. Pierz, H.W. Schumacher, R.J. Haug; Nature Nanotech. 10, 46 (2015) [3] T. Wagner, P. Strasberg, J.C. Bayer, E.P. Rugeramigabo, T. Brandes, R.J. Haug; Nature Nanotech. 12, 218 (2017)

Physikalisches Kolloquium, room: T-1004
Eugene Kogan (Bar Ilan University)
Spin-anisotropic magnetic impurity in a Fermi gas: Integration of poor man's scaling equations
Seminar TPII/III EPVI, room: S-288
Dr. Andreas Östlin
Disorder and correlation for realistic materials: a LDA+DMFT and CPA approach
Lehrstuhlseminar Theoretische Physik III, room: S-439

Physik-Bachelor und -Master reakkreditiert

On the basis of the successful on-site review meeting in December 2015, the accreditation of our B.Sc. and M.Sc. 'Physics' was extended by ASIIN, thereby confirming the high quality of our study programs. - Meanwhile (as of 30 Sep 2016) the accreditation was extended until 2022, i.e., the maximally possible duration.