Master Program Physics: Information for Applicants

The Master of Science 'Physics' program features courses in German as well as in English; for details, please have a look at the current 'Modulhandbuch' (handbook of modules). Thus the program may be completed successfully either with very good German language skills, or with very good English language skills plus basic skills in German. The detailed regulations are formulated in the 'Prüfungsordnung (PO)' (examination regulations; available in German only), which is the legally binding document. See also PO, paragraph 4. In short:

Applicants whose mother tongue is not German, or who have not received their University Entrance Qualification or their first university degree at an institution where German is the first language, have to supply either proof of German language skills at the level BCEFR (*) or proof of German language skills at the level B1 CEFR and proof of English language skills at the level B2 CEFR. The level B2 CEFR is equivalent to DSH-1.

In addition, there are the following regulations:

  • Sudents who wish to enroll into the M.Sc. Physics program have to submit an application.
  • Proof of qualification for the program is given by the successful completion of a B.Sc. in Physics or a B.Sc. in Materials Science at the University of Augsburg, or an equivalent national or international degree.
  • A one-semester conditional admission to the M.Sc. is possible provided you have completed 83 % of your B.Sc. degree, and started with your bachelor thesis.
  • Application periods: from 15 May by no later than 15 July for the following winter semester; from 15 December by no later than 15 February for the following summer semester.
  • In a first step you must apply online via the 'Studentenkanzlei' (Registrar's Office). There you will find, among other things, a 'Übersicht der Bewerbungsunterlagen' (overview over documents to be submitted with the application); especially note the form in which the documents have to be supplied. The 'Bewerbungsbogen' (application form) can also be found here.

  • After successfully completing the online application, you will receive a confirmation (PDF). Send this PDF plus the filled in and signed application form plus all required documents

    • per e-mail (everything scanned, as PDF) to:
    • or per ordinary mail to:
      Prüfungsausschuss Master Physik, Institut für Physik, Universität Augsburg, 86135 Augsburg, Germany
  • Please note: You have to apply by 15 July (respectively 15 February), but you may hand in particular documents until 10 August (respectively 28 February); see application form. Your application can only be processed after all documents have been received!

Any question? Please contact the chairperson of the Examination Board.

(*) CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; German: GER = Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen

UE / 18.05.2016