Agreement for Scholarly Cooperation

for Scholarly Cooperation
the Australian National University, Australia,
represented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor
the University of Augsburg, Federal Republic of Germany,
represented by the Rektor
Article 1

The Australian National University and the University of Augsburg hereby agree to cooperate for the purpose of mutual support in those fields of research and academic instruction which are of interest for both parties and to exchange information concerning the organization and operation of the two universities.

Article 2

Within the framework of their institutional structures and available resources, the two universities intend to:

a) promote student exchange;
b)exchange professors and other academic and administrative personnel for courses, lectures, research projects, and for the purpose of discussing questions of mutual cooperation as well as for the joint formation of international seminars at both Universities;
c)conduct jointly research projects of mutual interest;
d)enter into relations in other parts of university life, i.e. library, theatre, music, exhibitions, and sports, as far as these are of mutual interest.

Article 3

(1)Each university will inform the other about scholarly meetings, conferences, and symposia which are of mutual interest.
(2)In the interest of scholarly exchange at the request of a party hereto, both universities will make all efforts to arrange contacts with other scholarly institutions (universities, colleges, academies, research institutions) in their respective countries.

Article 4

Within the scope of their institutional structures and budgets both universities will exchange publications. To the extent that there is interest of a party, the following will be exchanged:

a)schedules of classes and similar publications of each university;
b)by-laws and regulations (departmental and degree requirements) of each university;
c)relevant and available books and journals.

Initially these interactions will be based on Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, with the possibility to identify other areas of mutual interest.

Article 5

This agreement is signed by that officer of each party hereto authorized under the laws of his country to commit his institution to such exchange relationships.

The agreement shall become effective on the first of the month following that month in which both parties will have signed the agreement.

The agreement shall be executed in both the German and English languages. Both versions shall be equally binding.

Canberra, 6/9/2002
Prof. Dr. John Richards
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Australian National University
Canberry, ACT 0200, Australia
Augsburg, 07.08.2002
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Bottke
Universität Augsburg
D-86135 Augsburg, Germany