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Jonas Fischer, born 1988, gained his university-entrance diploma (Abitur) in 2008 graduating from the Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium in Augsburg.
From October 2008 to March 2015, he studied Physics at the University of Augsburg. In his Bachelor thesis, he used Terahertz spectroscopy to study Iron-based superconductors.
During his stay at the FrontierLab program at Osaka University in the winter of 2012/2013, he continued the investigation of these materials via magnetization and resistivity measurements. Returning to Augsburg for his Master thesis, he utilized dielectric spectroscopy to study glass-forming liquids confined in Metal-Organic-Frameworks.

Since April 2015, he is working as a researcher at the chair of Experimental Physics V, expecting to finish his PhD in July 2018. His current area of research involves the search for multiferroic and ferroelectric materials among the organic charge-transfer salts, employing dielectric spectroscopy and polarization measurements in a wide frequency and temperature range.
He participates in the collaborative research center TRR 80 and is a Board member of its integrated graduate school.


Evidence for electronically-driven ferroelectricity in the family of strongly correlated dimerized BEDT-TTF molecuar conductors E. Gati, J.K.H. Fischer, P. Lunkenheimer, D. Zielke, S. Köhler, F. Kolb, H.-A. Krug von Nidda, S.M. Winter, H. Schubert, J.A. Schlueter, H.O. Jeschke, R. Valenti, M. Lang
arXiv: 1711.07384

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Conflicting evidence for ferroelectricity
G. D’Avino, M. Souto, M. Masino, J.K.H. Fischer, I. Ratera, X. Fontrodona, G. Giovannetti, M.J. Verstraete, A. Painelli, P. Lunkenheimer, J. Veciana, A. Girlando
Nature 547, E9-E10 (2017)

Effect of adding nanometer-sized heterogeneities on the structural dynamics and the excess wing of a molecular glass former
S. Gupta, J. K. H. Fischer, P. Lunkenheimer, A. Loidl, E. Novak, N. Jalarvo, M. Ohl
Scientific Reports 6, 35034 (2016)

Metal-organic frameworks as host materials of confined supercooled liquids
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Orbital-selective metal-insulator transtition and gap formation above TC in superconducting Rb1-xFe2-ySe2
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