Site-selective ion beam synthesis and optical properties of individual CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots in a SiO2 matrix

H. M. Mangold, H. Karl, H. J. Krenner

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6, 1339-1344 (Jan 2014) DOI: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Cadmium selenide nanocrystal quantum dots (NC-QDs) are site-selectively synthesized by sequential ion beam implantation of selenium and cadmium ions in a SiO2 matrix through sub-micron apertures followed by a rapid thermal annealing step. The structural and optical properties of the NC-QDs are controlled by the ion fluence during implantation and the diameter of implantation aperture. For low fluences and small apertures the emission of these optically active emitters is blue-shifted compared to that of the bulk material by >100 meV due to quantum confinement. The emission exhibits spectral diffusion and blinking on a second timescales as established also for solution synthesized NC-QDs.