Surface acoustic wave mediated carrier injection into individual quantum post nano emitters

Stefan Völk, Florian Knall, Florian J. R. Schülein, Tuan A. Truong, Hyochul Kim, Pierre M. Petroff, Achim Wixforth, Hubert J. Krenner

Nanotechnology 23, 285201 (Jun 2012)

Acousto-electric charge conveyance induced by a surface acoustic wave (SAW) is employed to dissociate photogenerated excitons. Over macroscopic distances, both electrons and holes are injected sequentially into a remotely positioned, isolated and high quality quantum emitter, a self-assembled quantum post. This process is found to be highly efficient and to exhibit improved stability at high acoustic powers when compared to direct optical pumping at the position of the quantum post. These characteristics are attributed to the wide matrix quantum well in which charge conveyance occurs and to the larger number of carriers available for injection in the remote configuration, respectively. The emission of such pumped quantum posts is dominated by recombination of neutral excitons and fully directional when the propagation direction of the SAW and the position of the quantum post are reversed.