Prof. Dr. Michael Bittner

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Telefon: +49 8153 28 1379
Raum: 483 S
Sprechzeiten: Fr 14.00 bis 15.00

Curriculum Vitae:

1987 Diploma Physics, Univ. Wuppertal
Thesis: Infrared emissions from atmospheric trace gases

1993 PhD, Physics, Univ. Wuppertal
Thesis: Long period temperature oscillations in the lower and middle atmosphere (0-100km) during the DYANA campaign

1993 PostDoc, Univ. Wuppertal
Correlative rocket measurements to the US Space Shuttle STS-66 CRISTA-Mission

1996 Atmospheric Scientist at German Aerospace Center, DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen
Focus: Ozone Measurements from the ESA ERS-2 GOME instrument

1997 National Delegate to CEOS-IGOS
Topic: Developing strategies for longterm continuity of Ozone measurements

1998 Teamleader "Value Adding Atmosphere", DLR, German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD)
Focus: Developing user driven applications from atmospheric measurements

2000 Head of Department “Atmosphere”, DLR-DFD  (ongoing)

2001 Scientific Speaker, BMBF Atmospheric Research Program, AFO-2000, Topic IV

2002 Habilitation, Experimental Physics, Assoc. Prof. (Privatdozent), Univ. Wuppertal

2002 Rapporteur on Remote Sensing for UN-WMO, Global Atmosphere Watch Program, Geneva

2003 Director ICSU/WMO-World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, WDC- RSAT hosted at DLR-DFD  (ongoing)

2006 Assoc. Prof. (Privatdozent), Experimental Physics, Univ. Augsburg

2007 Coordinator of the international Network for the Detection of Mesopheric Change, NDMC  (ongoing)

2008 Scientific Coordinator of the Bavarian High Altitude Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus, UFS  (ongoing)

2012 Full Professor, Physics, Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Univ. Augsburg

2013 Project Coordinator of the "Virtual Alpine Observatory, VAO" (ongoing)

Stays abroad:

USA: NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia

NASA-Kennedy Space Flight Center, Florida

National Center for Atmospheric Research, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado

Norway: Andoya Rocket Range, ARR, Andoya, Andenes

Russia: Central Aerological Observatory, CAO, Moscow

Atlantic: Cruise on the Research Vessel „Polarstern“ from Bremerhaven to Cape Town


UN-WMO Mariolopoulos Award with Dr. S. Wüst

NASA Certificate of Recognition

NASA Certificate of Appreciation


Nominated for DLR’s “Otto Lilienthal Award”

Editorial Board Memberships

since 2008 Editorial Board Member  
         “The Open Atmospheric Science Journal (TOASJ)”

since 2009  Associate Editor  “Journal on Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT)”