Voc from a Morphology Point of View: the Influence of Molecular Orientation on the Open Circuit Voltage of Organic Planar Heterojunction Solar Cells

U. Hörmann, C.r Lorch, A. Hinderhofer, A. Gerlach, M. Gruber, J. Kraus, B. Sykora, S. Grob, T. Linderl, A. Wilke, A. Opitz, R. Hansson, A. S. Anselmo, Y. Ozawa, Y. Nakayama, H. Ishii, N. Koch, E. Moons, F. Schreiber, and W. Brütting

erschienen 2014 J. Phys. Chem. C, 118, 26462-26470 (2014)
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