Acousto-optic tuning of light-matter interaction

We employ surface acoustic waves to dynamically modulate the periodicity of photonic crystal based nanophotonic elements and embedded quantum dots.

Recently, we succeeded to dynamically control the light-matter interaction between a single quantum dot and a photonic crystal defect cavity mode at radio frequencies. We observed precisely triggered single photon emission, when the sound wave activates the so-called Purcell-effect.

Here's a short animation illustrating the basic principle of our experiment:

Hybrid nanophotonic cavities for emerging 2D materials:

We recently developed a veratile process to realize large arrays of photonic crystal cavities directly on a Si/SiO2 wafer onto which a large area film of a 2D semiconductor was grown using chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Key publications:


  • Design and fabrication of photonic crystals
    • Michael Kaniber, Kai Müller and Jonathan Finley, Walter Schottky Institut, TU München
    • Dirk Bouwmeester and Pierre Petroff, UC Santa Barbara
  • Theory of acoustically-driven quantum gates
    • Peter Hänggi (Augsburg) and Sigmund Kohler (Madrid)

This work is supported by the Cluster of Excellence "Nanosystems Inititative Munich" (NIM) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft via completed projects within the Emmy Noether Program and SFB 631.