Acousto-optic tuning of light-matter interaction

We employ surface acoustic waves to dynamically modulate the periodicity of photonic crystal based nanophotonic elements and embedded quantum dots.

Recently, we succeeded to dynamically control the light-matter interaction between a single quantum dot and a photonic crystal defect cavity mode at radio frequencies. We observed precisely triggered single photon emission, when the sound wave activates the so-called Purcell-effect.

Here's a short animation illustrating the basic principle of our experiment:

Hybrid nanophotonic cavities for emerging 2D materials:

We recently developed a veratile process to realize large arrays of photonic crystal cavities directly on a Si/SiO2 wafer onto which a large area film of a 2D semiconductor was grown using chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Key publications:


  • Design and fabrication of photonic crystals
    • Michael Kaniber, Kai Müller and Jonathan Finley, Walter Schottky Institut, TU München
    • Dirk Bouwmeester and Pierre Petroff, UC Santa Barbara
  • Theory of acoustically-driven quantum gates
    • Peter Hänggi (Augsburg) and Sigmund Kohler (Madrid)

This work is supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft via the Emmy Noether Program, SFB 631 and the Cluster of Excellence "Nanosystems Inititative Munich" (NIM).