Quantum revival patterns from classical phase-space trajectories

G. M. Lando, R. O. Vallejos, G.-L. Ingold, and A. M. Ozorio de Almeida

Phys. Rev. A 99, 042125 (2019) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.99.042125

A general semiclassical method in phase space based on the final-value representation of the Wigner function is discussed that bypasses caustics and the need to search for classical trajectories. We demonstrate its potential by applying the method to the Kerr Hamiltonian. Fractional revivals sensitive to details in the quantum evolution are obtained semiclassically and provide decisive evidence for the validity of the approach far beyond the Ehrenfest time. There is no constraint on the initial state as is shown by reproducing fractional revivals not only for the usual coherent states but also for a shifted weakly excited Fock state.