Dr. Christoph Westerhausen

Dr. Christoph Westerhausen

Group Leader Biophysics Group

Tel.: +49 821 598 - 3311
Fax: +49 821 598 - 3225
Room: 335
Address: Universitätsstr. 1
86159 Augsburg, Germany

summary Application of Surface Acoustic Waves in Soft Matter Physics and Thermodynamics of Membranes


Research Projects:

Physics of cells

  • Cell adhesion under microfluidic flow

  • Mechanical stimulation of cell proliferation and migration

Thermodynamics of membranes

  • Impact of membrane state on enzyme activity

  • Nanoparticle uptake in lipid vesicles

Acoustic Waves in fluidics

  • Fast mixing at low Reynolds numbers

Protein mechanics

  • Force spectroscopy on proteins and simple statistical simulations

Short CV

since 2014:
Research assistant, Experimentalphysik 1, University of Augsburg

2012 – 2013:
Project manager at Wölfel Beratende Ingenieure, Würzburg

Dissertation „On the role of soft interfaces for the understanding of blood clotting”

6-month research period at Boston University

2009 – 2012:
University of Augsburg & University Hospital Mannheim


Selected publications

  • U. Ratzel, O. Bayer, P. Brachat, C. Westerhausen, K.-G. Krapf, L. Herrmann, “Tieffrequente Geräusche und Infraschall von Windkraftanlagen und anderen Quellen - Zwischenbericht über Ergebnisse des Messprojekts 2013-2014,“ LUBW Landesanstalt für Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-Württemberg, Feb. 2015
  • Strobl, F. G., Seitz, F., Westerhausen, C., Reller, A., Torrano, A. A., Bräuchle, C., ... & Schneider, M. F. (2014). Intake of silica nanoparticles by giant lipid vesicles: influence of particle size and thermodynamic membrane state. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 5(1), 2468-2478.
  • Westerhausen, C., F.G. Strobl, R. Hermann, A. Bauer, S.W. Schneider, et al. 2012. Chemical and mechanical impact of silica nanoparticles on the phase transition behavior of phospholipid membranes in theory and experiment. Biophys J. 102: 1032–1036. 
  • Bauer, A.T., E. a Strozyk, C. Gorzelanny, C. Westerhausen, A. Desch, et al. 2011. Cytotoxicity of silica nanoparticles through exocytosis of von Willebrand factor and necrotic cell death in primary human endothelial cells. Biomaterials. 32: 8385–8393.
  • Niland, S., C. Westerhausen, S.W. Schneider, B. Eckes, M.F. Schneider, et al. 2011. Biofunctionalization of a generic collagenous triple helix with the [alpha]2[beta]1 integrin binding site allows molecular force measurements. Int. J. Biochem. & Cell Biol. 43: 721–731.