Lehrstuhlseminar Theoretische Physik III

15.11.2017 11:00, Raum: S-439
Dr. Ivan Leonov
Electronic Structure, Magnetic Properties, and Phase Stability of Correlated Materials
22.11.2017 11:00, Raum: S-439
B.Sc. Jakob Bonart
Scaling behavior in confining potentials
29.11.2017 11:00, Raum: S-439
Dr. Gheorghe Lucian Pascut (Rutgers University, USA)
Orbital selectivity and isostructural phase transitions in AMnO3- perovskites
6.12.2017 11:00, Raum: S-439
Dr. Narayan Mohanta
Search for Majorana fermions in artificial heterointerfaces
11.12.2017 12:15, Raum: S-439
Prof. Dr. Milos Radonjic (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia)
Phonon anomalies in FeS
Bitte besonderen Termin beachten.

We present results from light scattering experiments on tetragonal FeS and detailed lattice dynamics calculations which are in good agreement. From the experiment, the lattice-dynamical simulations, and a symmetry analysis for the phonons and potential overtones, we identify the Raman active A1g and B1g phonon modes, a second order scattering process involving two acoustic phonons, and contributions from potentially defect-induced scattering. In particular, we argue that the two-phonon excitation observed in a gap between the optical branches becomes observable due to significant electron-phonon interaction.

13.12.2017 11:00, Raum: S-439
Dr. Andreas Östlin
Disorder and correlation for realistic materials: a LDA+DMFT and CPA approach
10.1.2018 11:00, Raum: S-439
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Marcus Kollar
On the scaling and statistics of scattering amplitudes
17.1.2018 11:00, Raum: S-439
M.Sc. Marc Alexander
Prethermalization after a short electric field pulse
31.1.2018 11:00, Raum: S-439
Prof. Dr. Ferdi Aryasetiawan (Lund University, Sweden)
Reinterpretation of spectral functions of correlated metals SrVO3 and SrMoO3 according to self-consistent GW+DMFT
7.2.2018 11:00, Raum: S-439
B.Sc. Andreas Weh
Charge reconstruction in magnetic heterostructures