International Workshop on Electronic Correlations in Models and Materials, September 11 - 15, 2011, Augsburg, Germany


Sunday, September 11, 2011 

18:00Reception (Kaminhalle) 

Monday, September 12, 2011 

8:50 Welcome  

Session I: Quantum Criticality 
Chair: K. Schönhammer 

9:00 P. Wölfle: Quasiparticles beyond the Fermi liquid and heavy fermion criticality  
9:30 F. Steglich: Interplay of superconductivity, quantum criticality and f-electron localization in rare-earth based 122 systems  
10:00 M. Vojta: Cubic interactions and quantum criticality in dimerized antiferromagnets  
10:30Coffee Break 

Session II: Superconductivity 
Chair: A. E. Ruckenstein 

11:00 Q. Si: Electron correlations and superconductivity in iron pnictides and selenides  
11:30 P. Hirschfeld: Gap structure and symmetry of Fe-based superconductors  
12:00 M. Sigrist: Topological and symmetry aspects of chiral p-wave pairing in Sr2RuO4-Ru eutectics  
12:30End of Session 

Session III: Kondo systems 
Chair: V. Janiš 

14:30 K. Ueda: Kondo effects of a magnetic ion vibrating in a metal  
15:00 J. Schmalian: Impurity induced superconductivity and charge Kondo effect in PbTe  
15:30 T. Pruschke: Magnetism and superconductivity in the Kondo lattice model with phonons  
16:00Coffee Break 

Session IV: Metal-insulator transitions 
Chair: G. Güntherodt 

16:30 H. v. Löhneysen: Experimental studies of systems with weak and strong electronic correlations in the vicinity of metal-insulator transitions: Doped semiconductors and manganates  
17:30End of Session 

Industry Session (Small Auditorium, Room B 11) 
Chair: M. Kollar 

19:30 R. Strack: From strongly correlated electron systems to strategy consulting: 17 years as a physicist at The Boston Consulting Group  
20:00 M. Laukamp: Against the wind: What Europe's renewable targets mean for the offshore wind industry  
20:30End of Session 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 

Session V: Low-dimensional systems 
Chair: D. Baeriswyl 

9:00 J. Mannhart: Two-dimensional electron systems at oxide interfaces  
9:30 H. Fukuyama: Effects of magnetic field on Dirac electrons in solids  
10:00 R. Claessen: From infinite dimensions to just one: Luttinger liquid behavior in atomic gold chains  
10:30Coffee Break 

Session VI: Quantum manipulation 
Chair: F. Wegner 

11:00 S. Kehrein: Weak interaction quenches and thermalization in quantum many-body systems  
11:30 M. Eckstein: Photo-excited states in correlated electron systems  
12:00 C. Bruder: Quantum control  
12:30End of Session 

Excursion (starts at City Hall, Rathausplatz) 

14:00Meeting at the reception of the conference center to walk to Rathausplatz 
14:30A tour of the city of Augsburg: 2000 years of history in 2 hours 

Special Session (Small Auditorium, Room B 11) 
Chair: K. Held 

18:00P. Wölfle, W. Metzner, A. Loidl: Reminiscences 
18:45Conference Photo 
19:00Conference Dinner 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 

Session VII: Correlations beyond dynamical mean-field theory 
Chair: J. Kroha 

9:00 R. Valentí: Two-orbital Hubbard model: Single-site versus cluster dynamical mean-field theory and applications  
9:30 M. Jarrell: Quantum criticality and superconductivity in the Hubbard model  
10:00 A. I. Lichtenstein: Non-local correlation effects in crystals  
10:30Coffee Break 

Session VIII: Cuprates 
Chair: W. Hanke 

11:00 B. S. Shastry: Extreme correlations view of angle-resolved photoemission in high-Tc systems  
11:30 T. M. Rice: Superconductivity in the pseudogap phase of underdoped cuprates  
12:00 G. A. Sawatzky: Importance of explicit inclusion of O 2p states in model Hamiltonians of the high-Tc cuprates  
12:30End of Session 

Session IX: Hund's rule physics 
Chair: W. Weber 

14:30 A. Georges: Strong correlations from Hund's rule coupling  
15:00 J. Kuneš: Ordering and spatial inhomogeneities in the vicinity of high-spin low-spin transitions  
15:30 L. H. Tjeng: Surprising cobaltites: A spectroscopic perspective  
16:00Coffee Break 

Session X: Ultracold atomic gases 
Chair: P. van Dongen 

16:30 W. Hofstetter: Strong correlations and dynamics in ultracold atoms  
17:00 N. Blümer: Double occupancy as a universal probe for antiferromagnetic correlations and entropy in cold fermions on optical lattices  
17:30End of Session 

Poster Session (in front of the Main Auditorium) 
Chair: M. Kollar 

19:30 L. Chioncel: Absence of half-metallicity in defect-free digital magnetic heterostructures δ-doped with Cr and Mn  
  T. A. Costi: Charge Kondo effect in PbTe doped with Tl impurities  
  M. Greger: Kinks in the effective dispersion of the Emery model  
  Z. Gulácsi: Exact multielectronic ground states for hexagon chains  
  A. Kauch: Mott-insulator and superfluid phases of correlated bosons in the bosonic dynamical mean-field theory with the strong coupling impurity solver  
  C. A. Kuntscher: Pressure-induced electronic and structural phase transitions in TiOCl and TiOBr  
  I. Leonov: Electronic correlations at the α-γ structural phase transition in paramagnetic iron  
  E. Müller-Hartmann: Hybridizing Wannier states for transition metal oxide chains and ladders  
  A. M. Oleś: Entangled spin-orbital phases in the d9 model  
  X. Ren: Towards a general-purpose first principles method: A critical assessment of the random phase approximation and beyond  
  K. Scharnberg: d-wave superconductors with finite range impurities of arbitrary strength  
  M. Sekania: Real-time dynamics of charge and spin densities in one-dimensional strongly correlated systems  
  M. Stark: Two-stage thermalization in weakly correlated electrons  
  W. Weber: Multi-band Gutzwiller theory for iron pnictides  
  U. Yu: Nonlocal effects on ferromagnetism in a diluted magnetic semiconductor system  
21:00End of Session 

Thursday, September 15, 2011 

Session XI: Correlations within dynamical mean-field theory 
Chair: A. M. Oleś 

9:00 G. Uhrig: Kinks in the electronic dispersion of strongly correlated models: Physical origin of a generic feature  
9:30 K. Byczuk: Quantification of correlations in correlated electron systems  

Session XII: Iron-based superconductors 
Chair: K. Schwarz 

10:00 M. Imada: Electron-correlation physics of iron-based superconductors  
10:30Coffee Break 
11:00 G. Kotliar: Iron pnictides and chalcogenides: A new class of strongly correlated metals  

Session XIII: Magneto-electric coupling 
Chair: E. Müller-Hartmann 

11:30 A. Rosch: Topological phases and spintorques in chiral magnets  
12:00 A. Loidl: Multiferroics  
12:30 Concluding remarks  
12:45Lunch / Packed Lunch 
End of Workshop