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Welcome to Helium3Kalkulator, Version 1.02, written by Marcus Kollar.

This program implements the formulas of our paper, Phys. Rev. B 61, 15347 (2000). [cond-mat/9906222]

>>>>> start the program! <<<<<

Note: Your browser must be Java-enabled. At least Java 1.1.5 is required.

Further information

The program can be run inside a browser in variety of ways:

  1. Remotely: (recommended) Hints:
    • If downloading is slow, try the compressed version; if the applet does not start, try the uncompressed version.
    • For small sizes the applet attempts to add scrollbars; if this causes an error, or if the applet is not completely visible, try a bigger size.

  2. Locally:
    In order to run the program offline, first save the files he3.jar and e.g. applet1.html to your computer. Then load the latter into your browser as a local file. (You can also adjust the applet dimensions in the applet tag if necessary.)

The program has been tested on a variety of platforms. Let me know if you have trouble running it.

Marcus Kollar - 25-Feb-00; updated 06-Jun-00, 20-Jun-03, 26-Oct-04