Quantum transport and dissipation

T. Dittrich, P. Hänggi, G.-L. Ingold, B. Kramer, G. Schön, and W. Zwerger

372 pages, 110 figures (Wiley-VCH, 1998)
ISBN 978-3-527-29261-5

[book cover]
  1. Theory of Coherent Transport
    (W. Zwerger)
  2. Quantization of Transport
    (B. Kramer)
  3. Single-Electron Tunneling
    (G. Schön)
  4. Dissipative Quantum Systems
    (G.-L. Ingold)
  5. Driven Quantum Systems
    (P. Hänggi)
  6. Chaos, Coherence, and Dissipation
    (T. Dittrich)

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