The language of instruction is English. Each student has to proof good knowlegde in the English language through a appropriate TOEFL or IELTS score. Native English speakers or students which graduated from a Universtiy, where English is the primary language of instruction, are excluded from this prerequisite. But in the latter case, supporting documentation has to be provided.

Though fluent speaking of German is not required, each student will need some basic knowledge of German, in order to get smoothly along in daily live. We suggest to acquire some basic German before coming here.

Alternatively, there is the possibility to attend German courses in Augsburg; these will, however, not be offered by the University, but rather by private institutions (and hence will cost a fee). The German courses provided by the University of Augsburg, aim towards students which already have a certain knowledge of German, and are interested in further improving their skills. Information about the courses can be obtained at the language center of Augsburg Universtity (Sprachenzentrum).