Special Issue 2005

Special Issue & Supplement @ Wiley-VCH: Commemorating Albert Einstein

The year 1905, for every physicist in the world of highest significance, implies for Annalen der Physik - the journal in which most of Einstein's seminal ideas were published - the definite obligation to celebrate his work and his impact on physics with a Special Issue in 2005. Eminent scientists relate Einstein's contributions to the forefront of modern research, as for example: photons from cavities; Brownian motion and Brownian motors; special relativity and its geometry for beginners (an innovative didactic article); status and experimental verification of special and general relativity; the problem of the cosmological constant; entanglement of quantum spin states. This Special Issue, supervised by the Annalen editors U. Eckern (Augsburg) and F. W. Hehl (Cologne), is part of the regular Annalen der Physik series. [Table of Contents, Editorial]

In addition, as a special service to the scientific community, Annalen der Physik proudly announces the publication of a Supplement (*) of approximately 585 pages, free of charge for our subscribers, and also available later in book form: This Supplement, compiled by J. Renn (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) as guest editor, features four articles which examine Einstein's contributions from an historical point of view, as well as facsimiles of all 49 Einstein Annalen papers, published in the period 1901-1922. Both, 'Special Issue' and 'Supplement' will be published end of February 2005, and be delivered to the Berlin conference of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (see: which opens on 4 March 2005.

(*) Einstein's Annalen Papers, edited by J. Renn, WILEY-VCH, Weinheim, 2005, ISBN 3-527-40564-X, approx. 585 pp.

Ulrich Eckern, 19 February 2005