Publications of the year 2018

484. Design and realization of a sputter deposition system for the in situ- and in operando-use in polarized neutron reflectometry experiments
A. Schmehl, T. Mairoser, A. Herrnberger, C. Stephanos, S. Meir, B. Förg, Wiedemann. Birgit, P. Böni, J. Mannhart, and W. Kreuzpaintner,
NUCL INSTRUM METH A 883, 170-182 (2018)
483. Electrochemical behavior of LiV3O8 positive electrode material in hybrid Li,Na-ion batteries
S. Maletti, A. Sarapulova, A. A. Tsirlin, S. Oswald, F. Fauth, L. Giebeler, N. Bramnik, H. Ehrenberg, and D. Mikhailova,
J. Power Sources 373, 1 (2018)