Low-Frequency Dielectric Spectroscopy (< 10 MHz)

In this typical frequency region of "classical" dielectric spectroscopy the samples are prepared as parallel-plate capacitors. Using a variety of setups the complex dielectric constant or the complex conductivity can be determined by measuring the frequency- (or time-) dependent properties and calculating the absolute values from the geometrical dimensions of the sample.

Techniques and devices:

Temperature control (1.2 K < T < 1000 K):

Measurements in magnetic field (up to 14 T):

Pictures of some experimental setups

Other techniques:
High-Frequency Dielectric Spectroscopy
, Microwave ResonanceSubmillimeter-Wave Spectroscopy and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy → more than 20 decades of frequency  (see Broad-Band Spectroscopy)

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