Surface acoustic wave controlled carrier injection into self-assembled quantum dots and quantum posts

H. J. Krenner, S. Völk, F. J. R. Schülein, F. Knall, A. Wixforth, D. Reuter, A. D. Wieck, H. Kim, T. A. Truong, P. M. Petroff

erschienen 07.11.2011 Phys. Status Solidi C 9, No. 2, 407-410 (2012)

 We report on recent progress in the acousto-electrical control of self-assembled quantum dots and quantum posts using radio frequency surface acoustic waves (SAWs). We show that the occupancy state of these optically active nanostructures can be controlled via the SAW-induced dissociation of photogenerated excitons and the resulting sequential bipolar carrier injection which strongly favors the formation of neutral excitons for quantum posts in contrast to conventional quantum dots. We demonstrate high fidelity preparation of the neutral biexciton which makes this approach suitable for deterministic entangled photon pair generation. The SAW driven acoustic charge conveyance is found to be highly efficient within the wide quantum well surrounding the quantum posts. Finally we present the direct observation of acoustically triggered carrier injection into remotely positioned, individual quantum posts which is required for a low-jitter SAW-triggered single photon source.