Spins in Optically Active Quantum Dots

Oliver Gywat, Hubert J. Krenner, Jesse Berezovsky

Spins in Optically Active Quantum Dots - Concepts and Methods

erschienen 2009 in: Berlin

Verlag: Wiley-VCH

ISBN: 3-527-40806-1

cover_kleinShort description:

At the intersection of semiconductor nanoscience and optics, this book provides an up-to-date introduction to the theory and methods of optically controlling spins in quantum dots.

Following an overview of the basic concepts of spin physics, this monograph describes fabrication methods of optically active quantum dots and their integration in electro-optic devices. Next, the theory of quantum-confined states is discussed, as well as spin-spin interactions and interaction with the radiation field. A review of key experimental techniques is given, highlighting recent results from the literature that demonstrate progress towards potential applications in spintronics and quantum information processing.

The result is a primer providing the essential basic knowledge necessary for young researchers entering the field. Additionally, this work -- encompassing theory, experiment, and materials science issues -- is a useful overview for specialists in this, or related fields.

From the contents:

  • Preface by David D. Awschalom
  • Optically active quantum dots: single and coupled structures
  • Theory of confined states in quantum dots
  • Integration of quantum dots in electro-optic devices
  • Quantum dots interacting with the electromagnetic field
  • Spin-spin interaction in quantum dots
  • Experimental methods for optical initialization, readout, and manipulation of spins
  • Controlling charge and spin excitations in coupled quantum dots