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  1. Magnetic ordering in the static intermediate-valent cerium compound Ce2RuZn4
    V. Eyert, E.-W. Scheidt, W. Scherer, W. Hermes and R. Poettgen
    Phys. Rev. B 78, 214420, (2008)

  1. Non-Fermi-liquid behavior in CaCu3Ru4O12
    A. Krimmel, A. Günther, W. Kraetschmer, H. Dekinger, N. Büttgen, A. Loidl, S. G. Ebbinghaus, E.-W. Scheidt and W. Scherer
    Phys. Rev. B 78, 165126, (2008)

  1. Adsorptive Separation of Isobutene and Isobutane on Cu3(BTC)2
    M. Hartmann, S. Kunz, D. Himsl, O. Tangermann, A. Wagener und S. Ernst
    Langmuir 24, 8634-8642, (2008)

  1. Novel Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials by Covalent Anchoring of Phenothiazines on MCM-41
    Z. Zhou, A. W. Franz, M. Hartmann, A. Seifert, T. J. J. Müller und W. R. Thiel
    Chem. Mater. 20, 4986-4992, (2008)

  1. Reply: Silver Acetylene Complexes (2)
    D. Himmel, N. Trapp, I. Krossing, S. Altmannshofer, V. Herz, G. Eickerling and W. Scherer
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 47, 7798-7801, (2008)

  1. Crystal-Packing-Induced Antiferromagnetic Interactions of Metallocenes: Cyanonickelocenes, -cobaltocenes, and -ferrocenes
    S. Altmannshofer, E. Herdtweck, F. H. Köhler, R. Miller, R. Mölle, E.-W. Scheidt, W. Scherer and C. Train
    Chem. Eur. J, 14, 8013-8024, (2008)

  1. Synthesis and characterisation of mixed ligand Pt(II) and Pt(IV) oxadiazoline complexes
    J. Sarju, J. Arbour, J. Sayer, B. Rohrmoser, W. Scherer and G. Wagner
    Dalton Trans., 5302-5312, (2008)

  1. Oxidation of Indole using Chloroperoxidase and Glucose Oxidase Immobilized on SBA-15 as Tandem Biocatalyst
    D. Jung, C. Streb und M. Hartmann
    Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 113, 523-529, (2008)

  1. A New Route for the Synthesis of Manganese Incorporated SBA-15
    G. S. Kumar, M. Palanichamy, M. Hartmann und V. Murugesan
    Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 112, 53-60, (2008)

  1. CW and Pulsed ESR Spectroscopy of Cupric Ions in the Metal-Organic Framework Compound Cu3(BTC)2
    A. Pöppl, S. Kunz, D. Himsl und M. Hartmann
    J. Phys. Chem. C 112, 2678-2684, (2008)

  1. Topological analysis of electron densities from Kohn-Sham and subsystem density functional theory
    K. Kiewisch, G. Eickerling, M. Reiher and J. Neugebauer
    J. Chem. Phys. 128, 044114, (2008)

  1. The Shell Structure of Atoms
    G. Eickerling and M. Reiher
    J. Chem. Theory Comput. 4, 286-296, (2008)

  1. Critical reexamination of non-Fermi-liquid characteristics of moderately disordered UCu4Pd
    A. Otop, S. Süllow, E.-W. Scheidt and J. A. Mydosh
    Phys. Rev. B 77, 045121, (2008)

  1. Characterization and reactivity of peralkylated LnIIAlIII heterobimetallic complexes
    H.-M. Sommerfeldt, Ch. Meermann, M. G. Schrems, K. W. Törnroos, R. J. Miller, E.-W. Scheidt, W. Scherer and R. Anwander
    Dalton Trans., 1899 - 1907, (2008)

  1. On the electron delocalization in cyclopropenylidenes - An experimental charge-density approach
    W. Scherer, M. Tafipolsky and K. Öfele
    Inorg. Chim. Acta 361, 513-520, (2008)

  1. A chiral C3-symmetric hexanuclear triangular-prismatic copper(II) cluster derived from a highly modular dipeptidic N,N'-terephthaloyl-bis(S-aminocarboxylato) ligand
    B. Wisser, C. Meyer, A.-Ch. Chamayou, R. Miller, W. Scherer and Ch. Janiak
    CrystEngComm 10, 461-464, (2008)

  1. Evolution of superconductivity and magnetic order in heavy fermion superconductor Ce(Pt1-xNix)3Si
    H. Kaldarar, H. Michor, M. Reissner, E.-W. Scheidt, P. Rogl and E. Bauer
    Physica B, 403, 1129-1131, (2008)

  1. Low temperature transport and thermodynamic properties of YbPd2Si
    E. Bauer, H. Kaldarar, H. Michor, M. Reissner, E. Royanian, E.-W. Scheidt, P. Rogl, A. Gribanov and Y. Seropegin
    Physica B, 403, 919-921, (2008)