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  1. CePt3Si: Heavy Fermion Superconductivity and Magnetic Order without Inversion Symmetry
    E. Bauer, I. Bonalde, A. Eichler, G. Hilscher, Y. Kitaoka, R. Lackner, St. Laumann, H. Michor, M. Nicklas, P. Rogl, E. W. Scheidt, M. Sigrists and M. Yogi
    AIP Conf. Proc. 850, 695-702, (2006)

  1. A Comparative Study of the Zeolites SSZ-33 and MCM-68 in the Desorption of Toluene as Model for a Hydrocarbon Trap
    S.P. Elangovan, M. Ogura, S. Ernst, M. Hartmann, S. Tontisirin, M.E. Davis und T. Okubo
    Microporous and Mesoporous Mater. 96, 210-215, (2006)

  1. Nature of the two quantum critical points in Ce(Ru1-xRhx)2Si2(x=0.4 and 0.6)
    J. S. Kim, D. J. Mixson, D. Burnette, B. Andraka, K. Ingersent, G. R. Stewart, E.-W. Scheidt and W. Scherer
    Phys. Rev. B 74, 165112, (2006)

  1. The new single crystal diffractometer RESI at FRM-II
    B. Pedersen, F. Frey, W. Scherer, P. Gilleb and G. Meisterernst
    Physica B 385-386, 1046-1048, (2006)

  1. Discrete Lanthanide Aryl(Alk)oxide Trimethylaluminum Adducts as Isoprene Polymerization Catalysts
    A. Fischbach, G. Eickerling, W. Scherer and R. Anwander
    Macromolecules, 39, 6811-6816, (2006)

  1. Elucidation of the bonding in Mn η2-SiH complexes by charge density analysis and T1 NMR measurements: asymmetric oxidative addition and anomeric effects at silicon
    W. Scherer, G. Eickerling, M. Tafipolsky, GS. McGrady, P. Sirsch and N. P. Chatterton
    Chem. Commun., 2986-2988, (2006)

  1. Ceramic Methyltrioxorhenium (Special Volume W.A. Herrmann)
    R. Herrmann, K. Tröster, G. Eickerling, C. Helbig, C. Hauf, R. Miller, F. Mayr, H.–A. Krug von Nidda, E.-W. Scheidt and W. Scherer
    Inorg. Chim. Acta 359, 4779-4788, (2006)

  1. Possible localization behavior of the inherent conducting polymer (CH3)0.9ReO3
    E.-W. Scheidt, R. Miller, Ch. Helbig, G. Eickerling, F. Mayr, R. Herrmann, P. Schwab and W. Scherer
    Physica B 378-380, 1132-1133, (2006)

  1. Unusual non-fermi liquid behavior in CeNi9Ge4
    H. Michor, D.T. Adroja, E. Bauer, R. Bewley, D. Dobozanov, A.D. Hillier, G. Hilscher, U. Killer, M. Koza, S. Manalo, P. Manuel, M. Reissner, P. Rogl, M. Rotter and E.-W. Scheidt
    Physica B 378-380, 640-643, (2006)

  1. High-temperature resistivity of URh2Ge2
    A. Otop, I. Maksimov, E.-W. Scheidt, J. A. Mydosh and S. Süllow
    Physica B, 378-380, 371-372,

  1. Unusual non-fermi liquid behavior of Ce1-xLaxNi9Ge4 analyzed in a single impurity Anderson model with crystal field effects
    E.-W. Scheidt, F. Mayr, U. Killer, W. Scherer, H. Michor, E. Bauer, S. Kehrein, Th. Pruschke and F.Anders
    Physica B 378-380, 154-156, (2006)

  1. Valence shell charge concentrations and the Dewar-Chatt-Duncanson bonding model
    W. Scherer, G. Eickerling, D.Shorokhov, E. Gullo, GS. McGrady and P. Sirsch
    New J. Chem. 30, 309-312, (2006)

  1. Crystal chemistry and low temperature properties of novel Yb18Pt51.1Si51.1(~YbPt3Si)
    E. Bauer, R. Lackner, G. Hilscher, H. Michor , E.-W. Scheidt, W. Scherer, P. Rogl, A. Gribanov, A. Tursina, Y. Seropegin and G. Giester
    Phys. Rev. B 73, 104405, (2006)

  1. Tuning through the quantum critical point in UCu5-xNix: Rapid variations in the specific heat
    D.J. Mixson, J.S. Kim, M. Swick, T. Jones, E.-W. Scheidt, E. C. Palm, T. Murphy, W. Scherer and G. R. Stewart
    Phys. Rev. B 73, 125106, (2006)

  1. poly-methyltrioxorhenium {(CH3)0.92ReO3}: A Conducting two-dimensional organometallic oxide
    R. Miller, E.-W. Scheidt, G. Eickerling, C. Helbig, F. Mayr, R. Herrmann, W. Scherer, H.-A. Krug von Nidda, V. Eyert and P. Schwab
    Phys. Rev. B 73, 165113, (2006)

  1. Preferential amorphisation of Ge nanocrystals in a silica matrix
    M.C. Ridgway, G. Azevedo, R.G. Elliman, W. Wesch, C.J. Glover, R. Miller, D. Llewellyn, G.J. Foran, J.L. Hansen and A. Nylandsted Larsen
    Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 242, 121-124 (2006)

  1. Spectroscopic Characterization of Iron-Containing MCM-58
    V. Umamaheswari, W. Böhlmann, A, Pöppl, A. Vinu and M. Hartmann
    Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 89, 47-57, (2006)

  1. Knoevenagel Condensation over Beta and Y Zeolites in Liquid Phase under Solvent-free Conditions
    S. Saravanamurugan, M. Palanichamy, M. Hartmann and V. Murugesan
    Appl. Catal. A: General 298, 8-15, (2006)

  1. Selective oxidation of indole by chloroperoxidase immobilized on the mesoporous molecular sieve SBA-15
    M. Hartmann and C. Streb
    J. Porous Mater. 13, 347-352, (2006)

  1. Novel Solid Basic Catalysts by Nitridation of Zeolite Beta at low Temperature
    K. Narasimharao, M. Hartmann, H. H. Thiel und S. Ernst
    Microporous and Mesoporous Mater. 90, 377-383, (2006)