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  1. Carbonyl Spectator Bonds as Sensitive Sensors for Charge Transfer Reactions on the Femptosecond Time Scale
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  1. Yttrium Calix[4]arene Complexes. Silylation and Silylamine Elimination Reactions on Model Oxo Surfaces
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  1. Phosphane coordination to rare earth metal centers: monomeric, solvent-free complexes of type Cp'2LnX with phosphaethyl substituted cyclopentadienyl ligands
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  1. Optimisation of a Thermal Neutron Guide by Monte Carlo Simulations
    G. R. J. Artus, F. Frey and W. Scherer
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  1. Concept of the New Thermal Crystal Diffractometer at FRM-II
    G. R. J. Artus, R. Gilles, F. Frey and W. Scherer
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  1. Molecular recognition in the solid state: topology of experimental and theoretical charge densities for S4N4
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  1. Photo-induced tautomerisation of methyltrioxorhenium (VII): the intermediate in olefin metathesis?
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  1. Structure of Trimethyldioxorhenium, (CH3 )3ReO2, as Studied by Spectroscopic Methods, Gas Electron Diffraction and Density Functional Theory Calculations. Tilted Methyl Groups: Agostic C-H...M Interactions or Bent M-C Bonds?
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