Workshop "Mathematik und Physik nichtlinearer stochastischer Systeme"
(7.- 8. November 2003 / Universität Augsburg)


Friday, November 7

13.00 Opening

13.15 Michael Scheutzow:
On the structure of attractors of monotone random dynamical systems

13.45 Barbara Gentz:
Stochastic slow-fast systems

14.15 Uwe Küchler:
On affine stochastic delay differential equations (SDDE)

14.45 Hans Crauel:
Sabilisation of reaction-diffusion equations by additive noise

15.15 coffee

16.00 Igor M. Sokolov:
Anomalous diffusion and fractional diffusion equations

16.30 Samuel Herrmann:
The exit problem for diffusions and stochastic resonance

17.00 Tobias Gayer:
Almost invariance of Markovian diffusion processes and control theory

17.30 Gerhard Schmid:
Channel noise in excitable membranes

Saturday, November 8

9.00 Peter Imkeller:
On the mathematical understanding of stochastic resonance

9.30 Tobias Prager:
Noise in excitable systems

10.00 coffee

11.30 Udo Erdmann:
Transport theory of active Brownian particles

12.00 Marcin Kostur:
Nonequilibrium coupled Brownian phase oscillators

12.30 End

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