Workshop "Dynamics Days"
(15. - 17. Dezember 1998/ Universität Augsburg)


Tuesday, December 15

16:00-17:00, Room 1006,
Alexander Kopanskii, Chisinau/ Moldova
The concept of normal forms. Formal theory

17:15-18:30, Room 1006,
Michal Feckan, Bratislava/ Slovakia
Homoclinic Hopf interaction. An autoparametric bifurcation

Wednesday, December 16

9:00-10:00, Room 2004,
Alexander Kopanskii, Chisinau/ Moldova
The deformation method. Sternberg theory

10:15-11:15, Room 2004,
Stefan Siegmund, Augsburg
Smooth foliations of extended state spaces

11:30-12:30, Room 2004,
Fritz Colonius, Augsburg
The Hartman-Grobman Theorem for control systems

14:00-15:00, Room 1005,
Michal Feckan, Bratislava/ Slovakia
Transversal bounded solutions in systems with normal and slow variables

15:15-16:15, Room 1005,
Alexander Kopanskii, Chisinau/ Moldova
Simplification of resonant polynomial vector fields

Thursday, December 17

14:00-15:00, Room 1008,
Yan Weiping, Taiyuan/ China
Stability and attractivity of difference equations

15:15-16:15, Room 1008,
Pham Chi Vinh, Hanoi/ Vietnam
Semigroups and solutions of quasilinear equations in Cb(B) and Lp(B)

16:30-17:30, Room 1008,
Alexander Kopanskii, Chisinau/ Moldova
Normal forms of vector fields near invariant manifolds