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Chair Experimental Physics VI

Images of Samples

... and other technical components

Tunnel diode
A tunnel diode is a high-frequency component. These diodes have a heavily doped p-n junction.

SrLaFeO4-crystal with layered structure, fabricated by the floating zone melting technique.

Very old memory
Here you can see a part of a magnetic core-memory.

Structured Sample
Photograph of a structured and bonded YBCO-Sample

RABiTS tape
Small sample of a RABiTS tape held by a pair of tweezers

Field effect sample
Structured and bonded field effect sample in sample-holder

Niobate crystal
Part of an as-grown strontium niobium oxide with layered structure, fabricated by the floating zone melting technique

Zone melting furnace
Optically heated floating zone melting furnace with opened elliptical reflectors, in the quarz glass tube there are two rods