M.Sc. Christina Kunzmann

Tel.: +49 821 598 - 3422
Fax: +49 821 598 - 3411
Room: 376/R
Address: Universitätsstr. 1
86159 Augsburg

Member of the research group Carbon fibers

Curriculum vitae

  • Since 2010: Research Scientist at the Chair of Experimental Physics II, University of Augsburg
  • 2008 – 2010: Chemistry (M.Sc.), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • 2004 – 2008: Chemistry and Biochemistry (B.Sc.), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • 2002 – 2004: Chemical-technical assistant, Chemieschule Dr. Erwin Elhardt München

Fields of activity/focus of research

  • Structural characterization of surface and volume of carbon fibers and their precursors
  • Analytical methods of microscopy
  • Participation in the joint research projects AirCarbon I and AirCarbon II (development of high strength carbon fibers for aerospace)
  • Participation in the joint research project MAI CaFeE (development of innovative carbon fibers for thermoplastic applications)
  • Assistance for experiments in the physical laboratory for beginners


  • Adhesion of carbon fibers to amine hardened epoxy resin: Influence of ammonia plasma functionalization of carbon fibers
    J. Moosburger-Will, E. Lachner, M. Löffler, C. Kunzmann, M. Greisel, K. Ruhland, S. Horn
    Applied Surface Science, 453, 141-152 (2018)
    doi:10.1016/j. apsusc.2018.05.057
  • Microscopic investigation of polyacrylonitrile fiber fibrils separated by ultrasonic etching
    C. Kunzmann, G. Schmidt-Bilkenroth, J. Moosburger-Will, S. Horn
    Journal of Materials Science, 53, 4693-4704 (2018)
  • Methyltrimethoxysilane plasna polymerization coating of carbon fiber surfaces
    J. Moosburger-Will, M. Bauer, F. Schubert, C. Kunzmann, E. Lachner, H. Zeininger, M. Maleika, B. Hönisch, J. Küpfer, N. Zschoerper, S. Horn
    Surface and Coatings Technology, 311 Nr. 15, 223-230 (2017)
  • High-resolution imaging of the nanostructured surface of polyacrylonitrile-based fibers
    C. Kunzmann, J. Moosburger-Will, S. R. Horn
    Journal of Materials Science 51, 9638-9648 (2016)

Conference contributions and proceedings

  • Microscopic characterization of the nanostructure of polyacrylonitrile based fiber cross sections
    C. Kunzmann, M. L. Basílio Graça Couto, J. Moosburger-Will, S. Horn
    18th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM), Athens, Greece (2018)
  • Surface characterization of carbon fibers by Atomic Force Microscopy: Roughness quantification by Power Spectral Density
    B. Brueck, T. Guglhoer, S. Haug, C. Kunzmann, M. Schulz, T. Schneck, J. Spoerl, M.R. Buchmeiser, S.R. Horn, W.M. Mueller
    21. Symposium Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde, Bremen, Deutschland (2017)
  • Microscopic Surface Characterization of Technical and Textile Polyacrylonitrile Fibers
    C. Kunzmann, T. Peter, J. Moosburger-Will, S. Horn
    17th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM17), Munich, Germany, 06/2016
  • Microscopic investigation of the micro-structure of fibrils of technical polyacrylonitrile fibers separated by ultrasonic etching
    C. Kunzmann, J. Moosburger-Will, S. Horn
    20th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM20), Copenhagen, Denmark, 07/2015
  • Synthesis of vanadium oxide nanoparticles and characterization by TEM
    C. Kunzmann, A. Ullrich, M. Klemm, M. Krispin and S. Horn
    75th Annual Meeting of the DPG and combined DPG-Spring Meeting 2011, Dresden, 03/2011, Verhandl. DPG (VI) 46, 1/O 36.59 (2011)