Publikationen 2010

  • Enhanced sequential carrier capture into individual quantum dots and quantum posts controlled by surface acoustic waves
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  • Surface acoustic wave mediated coupling of free-space radiation into surface plasmon polaritons on plain metal films
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  • Regulation of adhesion behavior of murine macrophage using supported lipid membranes displaying tunable mannose domains
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  • Acoustic driven flow and lattice Boltzmann simulations to study cell adhesion in biofunctionalized-fluidic channels with complex geometry
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  • Noninvasive probing of persistent conductivity in high quality ZnCdSe/ZnSe quantum wells using surface acoustic waves
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  • Dynamics of fluid vesicles in flow through structured microchannels
    H. Noguchi, G. Gomper, L. Schmid, A. Wixforth, T. Franke
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  • Surface acoustic wave actuated cell sorting (SAWACS)
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