30.10.2018 4 p.m., room: S-288
Prof. Dr. Markus J. Aichhorn (TU Graz)
Strong Correlations and Spin-Orbit Coupling: Models and Materials
13.11.2018 4 p.m., room: S-288
Prof. Dr. Fakher Assaad (Universität Würzburg)
Intertwined Orders in Dirac Fermions
11.12.2018 4 p.m., room: S-288
Prof. Dr. Christoph Bruder (Universität Basel)
Quantum synchronization

Synchronization of classical self-oscillators is a universal phenomenon that has applications in engineering, biology, and other areas. Recently, experimental progress in optomechanical systems, in trapped-ion setups, and in superconducting circuit-QED architectures has led to the realization of self-oscillators that are reaching the quantum threshold. In my talk I would like to describe theoretical approaches to the synchronization problem for quantum oscillators and discuss some of the issues and open questions.

29.1.2019 4 p.m., room: S-288
Dr. Maia G. Vergniory (Donostia International Physics Center, Ikerbasque)
Higher Order Topological Insulators from Elementary Band Representations Theory