(PHM-0005)Physics III: Atomic Physics
G. Hammerl
Monday:10:00-11:30,room T-1004
Wednesday:10:00-11:30,room T-1004

(PHM-0018)Theoretical Physics III: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
T. Kopp
Monday:14.00-15.30,room T-1003
Thursday:10.00-11.30,room T-1003

(PHM-0021)Introduction to LaTeX
G. Hammerl
Tuesday:14:00-15:30,room T-1003

(PHM-0044)Experimental Solid State Physics
A. Jesche, A. Tsirlin
Tuesday:14.00-15.30,room T-1005
Wednesday:10.00-11.30,room T-1005

P. Gegenwart
Thursday:10.00-11.30,room T-1005
Thursday:14.00-14.45,room T-1004


(PHM-0005)Exercises Physics III: Atomic Physics
V. Bader, R. Bartel, M. Lienhart, P. Miller, J. Öfele, A. Welscher, L. Winkler,
Monday:8.15-9.45,room T-1005
Monday:12.15-13.45,room T-1005
Monday:14.00-15.30,room T-2004
Wednesday:8.15-9.45,room T-2001
Wednesday:12.15-13.45,room T-1003
Thursday:8.15-9.45,room T-1005
Friday:8.15-9.45,room T-2004

(PHM-0066)Exercises: Superconductivity

Thursday:14.45-15.30,room T-1004


(None)Seminar on Current Challenges in Physics of Correlated Metals and Interfaces matter
T. Kopp
Tuesday:11.45-13.15,room S-254

(PHM-0097)Seminar über Elektronische Eigenschaften der Materie
V. Fritsch, H.-A. Krug von Nidda
Monday:15.45-17.15,room S-288

(PHM-0210)Astrophysics for Teachers
German Hammerl
Monday:14.00-15.30,room S-288

Pratical Courses

(PHM-0013)FP 20: Rastersondenmikroskopie
A. Schneider, A. Wörl
Time and room number will be announced

(PHM-0013)FP 21: Quanteninterferenzen
M. Uhl, Sv. Esser
Time and room number will be announced

(PHM-0013)FP 03: Paramagnetismus und Suprafluidität
Y. Tokiwa
Time and room number will be announced

Seminars for Teachers

(PHM-0230)Rechenübungen Gymnasium
G. Hammerl, G. Bothmann
Monday:8:15-9:45,room S-288

(PHM-0231)Rechenübungen Realschule
S. Bachus
Wednesday:12:15-13:45,room S-288