Group seminar Theoretical Physics III

15.11.2017 11 a.m., room: S-439
Dr. Ivan Leonov
Electronic Structure, Magnetic Properties, and Phase Stability of Correlated Materials
22.11.2017 11 a.m., room: S-439
B.Sc. Jakob Bonart
Scaling behavior in confining potentials
29.11.2017 11 a.m., room: S-439
Dr. Gheorghe Lucian Pascut (Rutgers University, USA)
Orbital selectivity and isostructural phase transitions in AMnO3- perovskites
6.12.2017 11 a.m., room: S-439
Dr. Narayan Mohanta
Search for Majorana fermions in artificial heterointerfaces
11.12.2017 12:15 p.m., room: S-439
Prof. Dr. Milos Radonjic (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia)
Phonon anomalies in FeS
Bitte besonderen Termin beachten.
13.12.2017 11 a.m., room: S-439
Dr. Andreas Östlin
Disorder and correlation for realistic materials: a LDA+DMFT and CPA approach
10.1.2018 11 a.m., room: S-439
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Marcus Kollar
On the scaling and statistics of scattering amplitudes
17.1.2018 11 a.m., room: S-439
M.Sc. Marc Alexander
Prethermalization after a short electric field pulse
31.1.2018 11 a.m., room: S-439
Prof. Dr. Ferdi Aryasetiawan (Lund University, Sweden)
Reinterpretation of spectral functions of correlated metals SrVO3 and SrMoO3 according to self-consistent GW+DMFT
7.2.2018 11 a.m., room: S-439
B.Sc. Andreas Weh
Charge reconstruction in magnetic heterostructures