Why join the international M.Sc. program 'Materials Science' of Augsburg University?

What is the Materials Science program about?

Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field connecting several aspects of physics, chemistry, and methods for characterization and processing of materials. The continuative M.Sc. Materials Science program deepens the scientific expertise of your previous eduction, e.g. the understanding of various material properties and interactions between materials particularly with regard to application oriented research in science and technology.


Why choose Augsburg University to study?

The Materials Science program of Augsburg University offers students a broad variety of elective courses to specialize in, like spintronics, porous materials, low temperature physics, nanostructers, and many more. Furthermore, through the corresponding method courses the theoretical knowledge can be enhanced with practical experience.

The program also encourages you to socialize with fellow students from different countries and cultures in an agreeable international atmosphere. Augsburg University assures easy access to the program for foreign students, and enhances the international competitiveness of German students by providing all lectures and courses in English.


Why choose the Master of Science qualification?

The Masters degree provides a professional and qualifying education in material science, and is a certification for enhanced expertise in material sciences, and thus, testifies that the candidate is capable to tackle scientific problems concerning materials independently and efficiently, by using modern methods. Also, the program aims towards well trained graduates to perform organizational, planning, and management duties in research institutes, industry, and public administration.