Physik (Master) Sommersemester 2014
06379 Seminar on Glass Physics [S]
Dozent Lunkenheimer P., Loidl A., Gulich R.
Dauer 2 SWS
Studiensemester 0
Schein Ja (4 LP)
Termin Di, 14:00-15:30, 403/S
Inhalt Glasses belong to the oldest materials used by mankind. Nowadays glasses are materials of paramount technological importance and almost ubiquitous in our daily live, not only in the classical fields (e.g., windows, bottles), but also in more recent applications as, e.g., communication technique (optical fibres) or energy storage (ionic conductors in batteries). Despite a long history of glass research, the transition from the liquid to the glassy state of matter still is considered as one of the great unresolved problems of condensed matter physics. In the present seminar, some advanced topics of modern glass physics and materials science shall be treated.


  • Relaxation phenomena: alpha- and beta-relaxation and their theoretical explanations
  • Fast processes: experiment and theory
  • Microscopic models of the glass transition
  • Aging phenomena in glasses
  • Non-structural glasses: Model systems for the glass transition
  • Mechanisms of ionic conductivity
  • Electrons in glasses
  • Low-temperature anomalies and tunneling model
Vorkenntnisse Knowledge of solid-state physics. Previous participation in lecture "Physik der Gläser" and/or in the Bachelor-seminar on glasses is recommended.
Literatur For introduction: lecture notes "Physik der Gläser" For every talk, there is a literature list. Most of the literature will be provided by the supervisor of the talk.
Weitere Informationen Planning meeting: 8. April, 2 p.m., room 403/S

All talks in English!

As noted in the "Handbooks of modules", it is possible to get 4 credit points for this seminar.