Physik (Master) Sommersemester 2011
06461 Porous Materials [V]
Dozent Volkmer D.
Dauer 4 SWS
Studiensemester 2
Schein Ja (Klausur; 6 LP)
Termin Do, 12:15-13:45, 2003/HZ
Fr, 10:00-11:30, 1005/HZ
Inhalt 1. Overview and historical developments [1] 2. Structural families of porous frameworks [2] 3. Structure Determination and Computer Modelling [3] 4. Synthesis strategies [2] 5. Adsorption and diffusion [3] 6. Thermal analysis methods [3] 7. Catalytic properties [3] 8. Advanced applications and current trends [1]
Vorkenntnisse Participation in the Course Materials Chemistry recommended: MaPhy-41-04, MaPhy-42-06, MaMawi-13-01, MaAFM-13-01.
Literatur • Paul A. Wright, Microporous Framework Solids (RSC Materials Monographs, 2008)As well as selected reviews and journal articles cited on the slides

Weitere Informationen Subsequent to the lecture course, the students can take part in a hands-on method course („Solid State Synthesis”, MaMawi-24-09, MaAFM-24-09) to practice their knowledge