Materialwiss. Master Wintersemester 2010/2011
06442 Materials Chemistry [PV]
Dozent Volkmer D.
Dauer 4 SWS
Studiensemester 1
Schein Ja (6 LP)
Termin Do, 8:15-9:45, 2004/HZ
Fr, 14:00-15:30, 1003/HZ
Inhalt Signature: MaMaWi-13-01 (compulsory module), MaAFM-13-01 (compulsory mod.), MaPhy-41-04 (elective mod.), MaPhy-42-06 (elective mod.)

  • Historical development of coordination chemistry [1]
  • Structures and nomenclature rules [2]
  • Chemical bonds in transition metal coordination compounds [3]
  • Stability of transition metal compounds [2]
  • Characteristic reactions [4]
  • Coordination polymers / metal-organic frameworks [2]
  • Cluster compounds [2]
  • Functional materials [2]
  • Bioinorganic chemistry [2]
  • Coordination compounds in medical applications [1]
● The students shall acquire knowledge about concepts of chemical bonding in coordination chemistry (main emphasis: d-block transition metal compounds) ● Broaden their capabilities to interpret UV/vis absorption spectra and to predict stability and reactivity of coordination compounds ● learn how to transfer concepts of coordination chemistry onto topics of materials sciences

Vorkenntnisse The lecture course is based on the courses Chemistry I and Chemistry II.