Physik Wintersemester 2001/2002
06414 Impurities and Disorder in the Cuprates [S]
Dozent Hirschfeld
Dauer 2 SWS
Studiensemester 7
Schein Nein
Termin 10:15-11:45, 2004/HZ, Do
Inhalt Students will be acquainted with a series of novel impurity and disorder problems which have arisen in the context of high-Tc superconductivity. These include
  • Structure of Andreev bound states around impurities in unconventional superconductors
  • novel Kondo-type problems in semi-metals
  • disordered 2D Dirac fermions

Vorkenntnisse Superconductivity, Green's function methods
Weitere Informationen Organizational meeting 18.10.2001 2004/HZ